About Waipu Elementary School

Waipu Elementary School ¡]WPS¡^was founded during the Japanese reign in 1904. In the beginning, the school was named "Chi-Yao Public School." In 1941, it was renamed "Waipu National School". In 1968, after the enactment of National Compulsory Education, its name was changed to "Waipu Elementary School."

Recently, the school has just celebrated its 90- year anniversary. All the other elementary schools in Waipu Township were used to be the affiliated schools of WPS in the early years, namely An-Ding, Teh-Shan, Ma-Ming and Shui-Mei. Later on they were all separated from WPS and ran by independent administration. Waipu Elementary School is now currently operated with an enrollment of 1200 students and on a campus area of 36731 square meters.

The school is conveniently located on side of the provincial main street¡XJia-hou Road, connecting Feng-Yuan and Da-Jia City¡Xadjacent to Da-Jia Interchange of National Freeway No. 3, and lying approximately four kilometers east of the Da-Jia Train Station. The east side of the campus is surrounded by fresh and green rice field with a great view of Teh-Shan and Ho-Yen Mountains.

Citizens in the township mostly live in a simple and sincere lifestyle. Parents all give great care to their children¡¦s education. Teachers work hard to assist students in learning. The school has won plenty of prizes through various contests and received well recognition.