Brief History

Mar 1918 The school was founded under the name of Jiyou Public School, with 119 pupils. The position of the first principal was held by Mr. Okamura Masaki, concurrently the principal of the Da Jia Public School (March, Taisho year 7). The study period was 4 years.
Mar 1919Second principal Mr. Shibuya Harutaro took office. (Taisho year 8)
May 1921 Renamed to Wai Pu Public School. The study period for some pupils was 6 years.
Mar 1929 Third principal Mr. Hara Kitaukichi took office. (Showa year 4).
Mar 1933 Fourth principal Mr. Nishikawa Masazou took office. (Showa year 8).
Dec 1933 Fifth principal Mr. Ono Hiroshi took office. (Showa year 8).
Apr 1938 Monument with the words “至誠力行” was set up for the twentieth anniversary of the school .(Showa year 13) The names of all principals and staff were carved on the back for remembrance (the monument is now situated in the front garden). Pupil numbers reached 940.
Apr 1941 Renamed to Wai Pu Elementary School after the reform of the educational system.
Dec 1945 Renamed as Wai Pu Elementary School, Taichung County, after the restoration of Taiwan. The sixth principal was Mr. Liu Chao-Dong. The An Ding branch gained independent status.
Feb 1952 Seventh principal Mr. Chen Ren-Jing took office.
Mar 1954 Eighth principal Mr. Liu Chao-Dong took office.
Aug 1958 School branches including Tie Shan, Shui Mei, and Ma Ming were established independently.
Oct 1958Ninth principal Mr. Chen Ren-Jing took office.
Sep 1961 Tenth principal Mr. Liu Chao-Dong took office.
Sep 1962 Eleventh principal Mr. Yu Jing-Yin took office.
Sep 1967 Twelfth principal Mr. Chen Bo-Yu took office.
Aug 1968 The nine-year compulsory education system was launched and school was renamed as Wai Pu Elementary School, Wai Pu Township, Taichung County.
Aug 1978 Thirteenth principal Mr. Chang Jin-Song took office.
Aug 1981 Construction of the flag-raising platform and the grandstand on both sides were completed.
Aug 1985Affiliated kindergarten was founded.
Aug 1988 Fourteenth principal Mr. Chang Ching-Ho took office.
Sep 1990 PU tracks on the sports field were completed.
Nov 1993 Construction of the new integrated educational building (auditorium) was completed.
Aug 1994 The student Sung Chiang Brigade was set up.
Aug 1994 the Special Education Class was founded.
Aug 1994 Construction of the right school enclosure (along Jia Hou Road) and on both sides of the entrance was completed.
Aug 1995 Fifteenth principal Ms. Lin Shu-Hui took office.
Sep1996 Campus planning was completed to progressively renovate school buildings.
Dec 1997 Improvement works on all lighting facilities in the classrooms were completed.
Jun 1998 Works on the 24 classrooms of the front educational building were completed; drinking fountains were installed.
Aug 1998 Resource Class was founded.
Sep 1998 Construction and planting works for the front garden was completed.
Dec 1998 The septic tank was relocated.
Feb 1999 Refurbishment of 27 classrooms , and water- and heatproof works in 19 classrooms were completed.
Mar 1999 Gardening works behind the lower-grade’s classrooms, by the warehouse and in front of the educational building were completed.
Jun 1999 A water tower and pipelines for running water and groundwater were constructed.
Aug 1999Construction of the protective screen for the tennis court, revetment for the driveway through the camphor trees, and front garden planting works were completed.
Aug 1999The newly built computer classrooms were inaugurated. The school became a regional research center in Taichung County.
Sep 1999 Renovation of the retaining walls north of the Chung Cheng Hall was completed.
May 2000Construction works for the 20 classrooms in the middle section of the rear education building and installation of drinking fountains were completed.
May 2000Construction works for the 20 classrooms in the middle section of the rear education building and raised flowerbeds completed.
May 2000The sports ground enclosure, roof and lavatories of the Chung Cheng Hall were refurbished; damage repairing caused by earthquake were completed (recovery works for the 921 earthquake).
Aug 2000Works on the center garden were completed.
Aug 2000Improvements of drinking water and installation of drinking fountains were completed.
Dec 2000The footpath through the camphor trees was completed.
Dec 2001 Retaining construction for the north wall of the Chung Cheng Hall was completed.
Apr 2003 Construction of vehicle shelters was completed.
Mar 2004 Drainage for the Chung Cheng Hall and the lower-grade's classrooms was completed.
Aug 2004All computer equipments of the computer classroom were either upgraded or replaced.
Jun 2005Construction works on the 12 classrooms to the west side of the educational building was completed.
Jul 2005Alteration to the grand entrance (including the guardroom) and construction of groundwater well were completed (both works were commissioned by the Wai Pu Township Council).
Jul 2005Construction works on the kindergarten’s floor and educational facilities was completed.
Aug 2005Sixteenth principal Mr. Chen Yong-Chuan took office.
Aug 2005Stepped seats, floor and ceiling of the audio-visual classroom were completed.
Nov 2005The front flowerbeds, west parking lot, and playground of the kindergarten were constructed.
Mar 2006Refurbishment of the flag-raising stage and left flowerbed of the entrance was completed.
Mar 2006After-school care service was launched.
Apr 2006New music room and library equipment were purchased.
May 2006Lai Li-Chun won the gold medal in girl’s shot putting in the National Elementary School Athletic Championship, breaking the national record, under the instructions of her tutor Mr. Chou Jin-Shan.
Aug 2006All computer equipments of the second computer classroom were either upgraded or replaced.
Mar 2007Construction works for an accessible campus were completed.
May 2007Purchase of air conditioning equipment for the audio-visual classroom was completed.
Jul 2007Elevators were installed.
Aug 2007Drinking fountains were renewed.
Aug 2007Construction works on 20 classrooms of the east wing of the rear educational building were completed.
Oct 2007Painting works and PU laying for the integrated educational building were completed.
Dec 2007Ninetieth anniversary of the school, celebrated with the launch of a commemorating DVD.
Mar 2008The front garden to the east wing of the rear educational building and the camphor trees behind it were constructed.
Nov 2008Renovation of PU waterproofing for both front and rear educational building, improvement works to first and second grade lavatories and impact-proofing for the wood flooring of the special education classrooms were completed.
Dec 2008 Renovation of the kindergarten playground and its facilities was completed.